Thanks everyone for participating in Hack to School 2 on Saturday!

The weather was a bit cooler than we were hoping for, but it didn’t slow down the scores. The winning team with a score of -15 was:

Andrew Crawley
Larry Fiedler
Jon Maus
Greg Grohs

There were 2 teams at -14 and 2 more teams at -13, a very close contest. Marvista ends up in 1st, followed by Gregory and then St. Francis so they will receive 35/33/32 of our final money.

We have a final tally on the money raised: $4,932! We surpassed last year thanks to the generosity of all of you! The final donation for the 3 PTA’s is this: Marvista: $1,726, Gregory Heights: $1,628, St. Francis: $1,578